Dessert, Snack

Nutella Banana Wontons – 2 SmartPoints

I love Nutella. It’s not the healthiest treat, but everything in moderation, right? I was thinking about what I could do with it, then I saw a nice ripe banana sitting on the counter. I also had some wonton wrappers. Then the light bulb went off. Continue reading “Nutella Banana Wontons – 2 SmartPoints”


Raspberry Mini Pies – 4 SmartPoints

This recipe is perfect for the holidays! I made this mini pie with raspberry filling but you can always change it. It’s also a super easy recipe. I bought the pie crust already made. For the filling I used sugar free raspberry preserves. The oven does most of the work! Continue reading “Raspberry Mini Pies – 4 SmartPoints”


Pork Carnitas – 3 SmartPoints

I love using the slow cooker during the week. Actually, I love it all the time, but especially during the week. This pork cooks perfect in the slow cooker plus it’s easy to prepare.

While the pork is delicious, I think my favorite part of this meal is the pickled onions. My husband loves them too. He eats them by the spoonful once dinner is done. They really are that good! Continue reading “Pork Carnitas – 3 SmartPoints”