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WW (Weight Watchers) Weekly Meal Plan #12

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I love long weekends! Whether I’m being lazy or going to a party, I’m lovin every second of it.

It’s also an extra day to meal prep. If you have never done meal prep but want to give it a try, this is the perfect opportunity!

This meal plan includes dinner recipes for 6 out of 7 nights. I left one night open to go out to dinner.

In my house we always go out to eat on Saturdays. You can switch up the nights to fit your schedule.

I’m big on leftovers. It saves money and time. All of these recipes are easy to double if you want to have extra leftovers.

When I go grocery shopping I always buy veggies to snack on. My go-to veggies are usually carrots, celery, cucumber and green peppers.

I clean them and chop them up, then put them in snack size zip up bags. That way they are in the fridge ready to eat whenever I want a snack.

I also like to have dip with my veggies. I usually buy a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dip and mix it with fat-free sour cream.

I can have 3 tablespoons of the dip for only 1 Freestyle point. I always have small containers and I portion out the dip.

Here are the dinners for the week:

Potatoes & Sausage Foil Packet

The potatoes & sausage foil packet can easily be made on the grill, which is perfect for Memorial Day!

Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup
Chicken & Strawberry Balsamic Salad
Turkey Chili Potatoes
Chicken & Dumplings
Skillet Lasagna


Potatoes & Sausage Foil Packets – 5 Freestyle points


Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup – 3 Freestyle points


Chicken & Strawberry Balsamic Salad – 5 Freestyle points


Turkey Chili Potatoes – 6 Freestyle points


Chicken & Dumplings – 7 Freestyle points




Skillet Lasagna – 8 Freestyle points

Here is the printable shopping list:

If you’re looking for some zero point recipes, check out my post 20 Zero Point Recipes or my post 20 (More) Zero Point Recipes. Both are filled with delicious recipes that won’t cost you a single point! They’re perfect for days when you’re running low on points, or trying to save up points for a night out.

If you’re looking for dessert recipes you can visit 50 Weight Watchers Freestyle Desserts. It’s filled with delicious desserts perfect for Weight Watchers!

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