Appetizers, Side Dishes, Snack

Cheddar & Broccoli Potato Rounds

This is day 2 of accountability for me. I started my day off with my favorite breakfast sandwich. It’s an English muffin with an egg white and 1/2 slice of American cheese. It doesn’t sound very exciting but I love it and it fills me up. I calculate it at 6 points since I scrape out some of the muffin. Continue reading “Cheddar & Broccoli Potato Rounds”

Dessert, Snack

Yogurt Parfait – 1 Freestyle Smart Point

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but it’s time for me to recover from the holidays. I need to get back to being serious about my diet/lifestyle. My plan is accountability. I’m going to post a new recipe every day for the month of January. This is going to help me stay focused! No excuses.  Continue reading “Yogurt Parfait – 1 Freestyle Smart Point”