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Creamsicle FroYo Bark – Weight Watchers Freestyle

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Are you ready for another 0 point snack? This creamsicle froyo bark is exactly that!

One of my favorite (and most popular) snacks is my Orange Creamsicle Treat. So I figured why not step it up a notch and make it into a frozen yogurt bark?

It’s very easy to do. The hardest part is waiting for it to freeze. I usually leave it in the freezer for 2 hours, then I break it up into pieces.

I put the leftover froyo in a zip up bag and keep it in the freezer. Then whenever I want a snack I grab a piece.

The bottom part of the Creamsicle FroYo Bark is 1 cup of fat-free plain Greek yogurt mixed with vanilla extract and artificial sweetener. It’s a great way to get rid of the bitter taste of the yogurt.

I spread it out in an 8×8 pan lined with parchment paper. That makes it really easy to get it out of the pan once it’s frozen.

For the orange part of the froyo I mixed 1/2 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt with 1 teaspoon sugar-free orange jello powder. I spread it on top of the first layer of yogurt. I wanted to make sure it had an orange and white layer so that it looked like a creamsicle.

When I look at it I definitely think creamsicle!

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Creamsicle FroYo Bark – Weight Watchers Freestlye
Prep Time
10 mins
Freeze time
2 hrs
Total Time
2 hrs 10 mins

Yield: 4 servings (0 points for blue and purple, 1 point per serving for green)

Course: Snack
Keyword: freestyle, weight watchers, ww
  • 1 1/2 cups fat-free plain Greek yogurt (divided)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 teaspoons granulated artificial sweetener
  • 1 teaspoon sugar-free orange jello powder
  1. Mix together 1 cup of the fat-free plain Greek yogurt, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and 2 teaspoons granulated artificial sweetener. 

  2. Line an 8×8 baking pan with parchment paper. Add the Greek yogurt mixture and spread it out. 

  3. Add the remaining 1/2 cup of yogurt to a small bowl with the sugar-free orange jello powder. Mix together.

  4. Spread the orange yogurt evenly over the plain yogurt layer. Cover and freeze for 2 hours. 

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