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Skinny Bloody Mary

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This Skinny Bloody Mary isn’t just a drink, it’s a meal!

The Bloody Mary itself is delicious, but it’s also garnished with shrimp, olives, pickle and pepperoncini.

If you follow blue and purple the garnish won’t add any points. For green it adds one point.

The points in this Skinny Bloody Mary come from the tomato juice and vodka. I wish I could reduce the points from the alcohol because that’s the fun part!

Everything in moderation, right? 🙂

It’s 3 points for the vodka and 2 points for the tomato sauce. But because of the garnish you will feel satisfied.

I only used one teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce because that is 0 points. You will also need horseradish, lemon juice, celery salt, and fresh cracked black pepper.

The shrimp was seasoned with old bay seasoning. I think it tastes great with the Bloody Mary!

If you like your Bloody Mary spicy you can add a splash of hot sauce. That won’t add any additional points.

Skinny Bloody Mary
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins

Yield: 1 drink (5 points for myWW blue, green and purple. If you are adding the garnish it is 1 additional point for green.)

Course: Drinks
For the Skinny Bloody Mary:
  • 8 oz. tomato sauce
  • 1.5 oz. vodka
  • 1 teaspoon horseradish
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Pinch of celery salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon fresh cracked pepper
Optional Garnish:
  • 2 olives stuffed with pimiento
  • 1 mini pickle
  • 1 pepperoncini
  • 2 cooked shrimp seasoned with Old Bay seasoning
  1. Stir together all of the ingredients for the Bloody Mary. Pour into a glass with ice.

  2. Optional: Add the garnish to the glass. I used a bamboo skewer to add the olives, pickle and pepperoncini. The shrimp I hung on the side of the glass.

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