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Travel Snack Pack – Weight Watchers

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Let’s face it, there are a lot of temptations when you’re trying to diet. One thing I struggle with is going on vacation. Especially if it is a road trip. There are so many temptations!

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That’s what made me come up with this nifty little travel snack pack. I ordered this storage container from Amazon to fill up with low point snacks while I’m on the road. 

It’s perfect! It even comes with dividers so you can decide the portion size of your snack.

For this travel snack pack I packed carrots, light string cheese, goldfish, peas, pretzels, grapes and celery.

The fruit and veggies that I packed were zero points, the string cheese is one point per slice, the pretzels and goldfish I portioned out and wrote down the points.

The great thing is there are so many possibilities of food you can use. Just portion it out and use the dividers.

Weight Watchers Travel Snack Pack

Once I have all of my snacks packed I lock it up.

I usually put it in a plastic bag, then set it in the cooler right on top. It stays cool enough on top and that way it doesn’t get wet.

This would also be great to take on a camping trip!

Instead of opening up a bag of chips to much on you can grab your travel snack pack and have a variety of snacks to choose from.

This is the storage container I bought:

It’s also easy to clean out so I can use it over and over again.

It even makes the kids want to eat healthy snacks, which is great.

Weight Watchers Travel Snack Pack 3Weight Watchers Travel Snack Pack 2

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