Chocolate Donut & Strawberry Mini Trifle – 3 SmartPoints

The other night I made some baked chocolate donuts. (In case you missed it get the recipe here.) Surprisingly, I had some leftover. Tonight I decided to use them to make a quick & somewhat healthy dessert. It’s healthy because there are strawberries. 🙂

I used 1/2 of a chocolate donut (to keep it low in points), four chopped strawberries and four tablespoons of fat free Reddi Wip. I put it together in one of my 4 ounce dessert cups. I layered it starting with half of the Reddi Wip, half of the strawberries, the chocolate donut, the rest of the Reddi Wip and the last of the strawberries on top. That’s it! A quick and easy dessert.


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